How to Use Prepaid Cards for Your Business

Employee retention and recognition: Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards show your appreciation for a job well done and can boost retention. Fifty percent of employees believe that being thanked by their managers increases their trust and relationships with them, which means recognition and reward programs in your business can be especially beneficial. Additionally, almost 70% of  employees would work harder if they were better recognized for their work.




Employee safety: Thank your employees for a job done safely or for completing a safety training program. Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards can decrease work-related accidents, and increase employee retention and productivity.




Health and Wellness: Motivate your team with an Awards2Go Visa prepaid card as an added incentive to your business’s health and wellness program, ideal for businesses large and small.







Retirement gifts: Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards can be personalized with a message to thank an employee for years of outstanding service. Cards can also be used anywhere Visa is accepted within the U.S., allowing the recipient to use on their next cross-country travel destination. With so many attractive designs to choose from, our prepaid cards are a personalized way to give your best wishes and sincere thanks from the entire team.


For Customers and Clients

Rebates: Rebate cards can increase customer loyalty and retention. Customers may also WaltDisneyWorld Visa Award card mockup-01 (2)be more drawn to your brand if the rebate value is higher than that of a competitor’s. Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards can be used as a rebate, in your business and anywhere Visa is accepted within the U.S.

Rewards: Coupons and point systems can be appealing to gain new and keep current customers, but a personalized Visa card shows that their business is more than appreciated. Customized cards build brand awareness and loyalty and can be used as referrals, thank you’s, and promotionally for your business’s products or services.

Client gifts: Whether it’s during the holidays or an increase in services needed, show your appreciation to your clients with a personalized, yet professional gift. More meaningful than cash, our prepaid cards allow you to gift those without having to second guess if it will be enjoyed or used.