How to Use Personalized Visa Gift Cards

Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards can be used to build referral and loyalty programs, as well as reward employees and customers. They can also be personalized, making the recipient feel even more valued. Customized Visa prepaid cards are personal and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted within the United States, which includes over 9 million retailers!

Our research and interviews show that recipients remember small touches such as customized themes and graphics. More than the card itself, your customers or employees appreciate being recognized for their hard work and contributions. Customize the cards, and help support your giftees, and you’ll have a fan for life.

Why reward with Awards2Go cards?

  • Nearly 70% of employees said they would work harder if they were better recognized for their efforts
  • 87 percent of consumers say merchant-specific gift cards are easy to use

Personalizing Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards

Awards2Go makes it easy to customize Visa prepaid cards with your business logo or other brand image. Whether you’re trying to promote your small business or thank existing customers, recipients will remember you and continue their loyalty.

For employees, customizing the message on the card–including adding the recipient’s name—takes the guesswork out of gift giving while still being professional, making them an ideal choice for any business type. Personalized cards also ensure the recipient feels that the gift is truly for them, making them more likely to use it on themselves instead of re-gifting them.

Ready to get started? See custom card samples here, or contact us now.