A Modern Approach to Employee Appreciation

Strengthen your corporate environment and culture by rewarding employees with a gift they will love. 

Awards2Go offers efficient and straightforward prepaid card solutions perfect for employee appreciation programs.

Appreciating Employees for Their Achievements and Behaviors Is a Core Element of Every Successful Business

Show your entire staff you appreciate and value them through employee appreciation gifts.

Awards2Go Use Cases For Employee Appreciation

Employ Awards2Go Visa® prepaid gift cards for employee appreciation gifts in any of the following ways.

MVP Employee Awards

Make your most valuable employees feel special and appreciated. 

Most executives know hard work deserves recognition and reward. Companies that celebrate workers with outstanding performance tend to experience growth much faster.

Awards2Go provides physical and virtual card options that make it easy to recognize and reward the people who represent the best in every department.

Years Of Work Anniversary

Reward your most tenured employees through staff appreciation.

Recognizing those who reach essential milestones can ensure they remain an asset to your brand for even longer. Appreciative gestures can also remind employees that the many years of dedication were worth the effort and encourage peers to follow in their footsteps.

Awards2Go preloaded physical Visa gift cards are perfect for celebrating employee anniversaries, ensuring everyone gets a unique present. Use our rush service to get your cards delivered in 2 days.

Living By Company Values Award

Reward people that integrate your company’s values into everything they do.

Whether serving as a team anchor during uncertain times or supporting teammates beyond expectations, these individuals deserve recognition. Employees also value brands that work according to a set of values. Company values unite teams, keeping everyone focused on reaching a common goal.

Awards2Go corporate and business prepaid cards are an excellent choice for rewarding the employees that exemplify your core values most. Check out our physical cards gallery to find the best fitting design for your business.

Best Seller Award

Make your star performers shine and motivate others in your teams to boost sales.

The best seller award can help employees feel and own their elite status within an organization. These employees go above and beyond the job description to produce exceptional work for your business. Showing gratitude through an employee appreciation award helps reinforce your investment and enhance productivity.

Make every award even more special With Awards2Go custom solutions. A dedicated account manager will work with you to complete your order exactly to specifications. All you have to do is provide a list of recipients’ full names, email addresses, and denominations. Awards2Go will deliver your cards to the specified locations when ready.

Customer Choice Award

Reward people that integrate your company’s values into everything they do.

Employees who work well with customers and positively contribute to the company culture deserve recognition. We make it easy for brands to show teams or individuals they appreciate their skills in customer communication and relations. After all, keeping customers satisfied is no easy task.

Ensure your top performers in customer service continue to deliver an extraordinary experience through Awards2Go custom prepaid gift cards. You can load your cards via our API or client portal. 

How It Works

Company Visa cards branded with your business logo are ideal for showing customer appreciation, recognizing and rewarding top-performing employees, and promoting new products/services.

Get In Touch

Talk with one of our representatives to identify all the employee reward use cases for your industry. 

The expert will also provide you with a quote.

Define Your Use Case

Your dedicated account manager will help you figure out the needs of your business. 

Choose from physical and virtual cards or both. Load your cards right away or use our “Buy Now Load Later” feature.

Get Started

After deciding between a physical or virtual card, get started with card customization and choose a delivery option. 

Depending on your choice, you may receive your employee appreciation gifts within 2 days. 

Virtual cards will arrive instantly via email to your business or individual recipients. 

You can customize each card, including the accompanying messages.

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Safer, Convenient Employee Rewards

Leverage Awards2Go to create a culture of excellence where employee recognition enables everyone to feel seen, heard, and appreciated. 

Here are some additional features and benefits to consider from Awards2Go.

Buy Now Load Later

Maintain and regulate employee incentives without the risk of unnecessary spending. 

The Buy Now Load Later feature lets businesses purchase cards but only load each when ready – at the ideal moment, instantly through our client portal.

Virtual Cards

Get low-cost Virtual Awards2Go Visa® Prepaid Cards. Have Awards2Go deliver custom emails to your receipts or provide you with a bulk list of unique links so you can distribute the employee appreciation gifts.

With Awards2Go virtual gift cards, you can also say goodbye to shipping costs and logistics for your employee appreciation programs. 

That’s because, unlike physical gifts, no shipping or wrapping is necessary for virtual cards. Therefore, they are easier to use, convenient, and perfect for last-minute gift-givers.

Bulk Order

Buy your Visa prepaid cards in bulk. We can accommodate orders of all sizes, securely delivered to your chosen destination. 

Best of all, bulk purchases do not affect your ability to customize cards. Each card will look as intended, no matter the order size.

Customize Away – You’re In Control

Take brand recognition to another level with fully personalized physical gift cards from Awards2Go. Create your custom design or use the Awards2Go gift cards gallery. 

Personalize messaging and load cards with any amount, from $5 to $1,000.

Save Money

Our card fees are the lowest you’ll find in the industry. We also offer volume discounts and secure delivery of your cards. You can’t go wrong with Awards2Go.

Client Portal

Now you can load cards, check balances, see your order status, and review recent transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We understand the importance of being able to take action at any time of day.

Get a Personalized Account Manager

Speak to an Awards2Go account manager to tailor your program.