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Is there a minimum to the number of business Visa cards I have to order?

There is no minimum number of business Visa cards required by our sales team.

Simply view our gallery to place a Visa gift card order online based on your specific business needs.

Is there a maximum to the number of business gift cards I can order?

There is no maximum number of business Visa cards you are limited to ordering from our sales team.

When it comes to business gift ideas — whether for customer-specific events or employee appreciation during the holiday season — a reward gift card serves as the perfect solution to companies of all shapes and sizes.

What are the standard card value denominations available to me in ordering my business Visa cards?

You have the ability to order business Visa cards at any value denomination (e.g., $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, etc.) needed.

We sell loaded cards starting at $5 that range upwards to $1,000.

Additionally, when you place a Visa gift card order online, you can request different denominations to be sent in the same order.

You can also order cards valued at $0 and load them later when you are ready.

Is there a way to check a gift card’s remaining balance once it has been used?

As recipients use their Visa gift cards, they’ll be able to track of the money they have available to spend using our Check Balance portal.

Check the back of the gift card for Visa contact information and other important details.

Are there any fees associated with my Visa gift card order?

Fees associated with your business Visa cards through Awards2Go are some of the lowest in the industry, as low as $1.95 per card.

Learn more about our business Visa gift cards.

What payment methods are accepted for purchasing business Visa cards?

The Awards2Go gift card program offers flexible payment options suited to fit your business needs and preferences.

Your company can pay in the form of check, ACH, wire, or credit card.

Does Awards2Go have both eGift cards and physical gift card options?

We are exploring e-gift and digital gift cards in the near future.

Gift cards from Awards2Go are standard Visa plastic cards with a barcode and magnetic stripe to be used at point-of-sale(POS system) retail business locations.

While we do not sell digital gift cards as rewards gift card solutions for companies, Awards2Go prides itself on the benefit our service offers in providing reloadable Visa shopping cards to be used at POS.

Can Visa gift cards be used right away?

For bulk orders, all business Visa cards are ready to use upon receipt.

Card on Carrier orders require one-time activation over the phone.

To use cards online or over the phone, cardholders will be required to register their cards with the Awards2Go system.

In the event that a card is lost or stolen, registration also ensures replacement with minimum cardholder verification.

Are there custom gift card options available?


Gift card design options for your Visa cards in our gallery include: classic, premium, holiday, and custom.

Every gift card in your order is available to be customized and personalized with messages contained on two separate lines.

Each line can fit up to 23 characters.

What kinds of personalized messages can I add to my business Visa cards?

Whether you’re looking to order custom gift cards for small business or for an enterprise-level customer, take advantage of the flexibility offered through our personalized messages option.

Examples of personalized messages you could create include:

2019 Q3 Sales Leader

Mary Ashe Or Ken Jackson [Company Name] Gift Card Program

Can a company logo be added to my business Visa cards?

You can certainly add a company logo to the standard plastic gift cards from Visa.

In fact, we’d encourage it as it’s an incredibly popular design selection among many Awards2Go customers.

It’s a subtle way to give a nod to your company brand without coming across as too pushy or self-serving.

Please note that there is an additional per card fee when you create custom business Visa gift cards.

How long does it take to deliver my Visa gift card order?

Once your Visa gift card order has been placed and processed by our customer support team, you can expect delivery within five business days.

Rush order options are available at an additional cost for expedited delivery.

Does Awards2Go offer any customer loyalty benefits like GiveX POS?

Awards2Go is exclusively a bulk custom Visa gift card program where companies can reward employee and client loyalty through branded shopper experiences for large corporations and small businesses alike.

Where can I use my business Visa cards?

One of the best things about our business Visa cards is that they can be used at merchants across the United States and the District of Columbia — wherever Visa debit cards are accepted.

This means they can be used in stores, online, and over the phone.

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