Bulk eGift Cards

Virtual Awards2Go Visa® Prepaid Cards are a low cost, swift delivery solution that can be loaded with any denomination from $5 – $1,000.

With bulk virtual gift cards, recipients can easily and safely shop or pay bills online or over the phone.

virtual gift cards
Surprise gift box virtual email template

Customize Bulk Visa eGift Gift Card

Add an extra level of personalization and brand awareness with your logo proudly presented on your email.

You can select a predesigned background or create the entire card yourself. Our team works hard with you to make sure the card best represents your brand and looks aesthetically pleasing in the process too. 

Regardless of the option you choose you should be rest assured you are getting a quality setup at a competitive and low cost.

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eGift Cards Ease of Use

Hassle-Free Delivery

Choose your delivery preference. You can either have Awards2Go send custom emails to your receipts with the virtual gift card details enclosed or if you would like to send the emails Awards2Go can send a bulk list of unique links to you for your distribution.

Convenient & Flexible

Recipients can safely use virtual gift cards online or over-the-phone at any merchant where Visa is accepted.

Low Cost

Since the cards are virtual there are no accompanied plastic fees. This allows for lower costs with the same great service.


Distribute cards without physical handling. In fact the process of distributing virtual gift cards is entirely without human interaction making it an extremely safe and germ free solution.


Each Cardholder is sent a secure and unique link to view and access the card’s image. Remember to instruct recipients to keep the gift card number secure throughout the redemption process.

Online Use

Cardholders will be required to register their card with their billing information prior to use. Once completed all the cardholders need to do next is pick a desired US website, add items to their card and continue to checkout, it’s that simple.

Use Bulk eGift Cards To Keep Your Business Growing

See how virtual gift cards can help support your business as you adapt to new changes arising from the impact of the global crisis.

Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged as they continue working remotely is vital in order keep your business operating smoothly. With Awards2Go virtual gift cards, you can easily send them incentives to show your appreciation.

Customer Loyalty

As we begin to resume our normal activities, it’s important more than ever to give back to customers and partners that continue to support your business.

Regardless of the environment around us virtual cards will continue to remain an attractive option for cards needed quickly and urgently.

Physical vs Virtual Cards
Choose the card that fits your needs.

Awards2Go offers a wide array of options to tailor your Visa® gift card program. Let one of our account managers tailor your program so that it works for you.

DeliveryOnline UseUse EverywhereBuy Now Load LaterDelivery Via EmailCard Customization
Virtual CardsInstant
Physical Cards2+ Days*
Virtual CardsPhysical Cards
DeliveryInstant2+ Days*
Online Use
Use Everywhere
Buy Now Load Later
Delivery Via Email
Card Customization

* Rush delivery available

Virtual Gift Cards FAQ’s
Is there a limit to the number of recipients I can send virtual cards to?

You can order any quantity of cards from 10 – 100,000.

Whatever quantity needed we are here to help and make your award program as seamless as possible.

How quickly can virtual cards be delivered?

The ordering and distribution of virtual cards can all be done in a matter of moments!

No need to wait for the cards to arrive or handle the cards unnecessarily. Simply send us the order request with payment and we take care of the rest. It’s that easy!

What recipient information do you need?

We need as little as the recipient’s name, email address and denomination to complete your order. Please keep in mind prior to the card’s first use it will require full registration.

We would be happy to pre-register the cards for you upon order submission but would require additional information such as the recipient’s address, phone.

Great question.

We hope this will be an option in the future however at the moment we can’t add your logo to the card.

We will have personalization options available shortly, such as a personalized message to add to the body of the email and bold company mentions.

If you’d like physical gift cards, we do offer several customizable options.

Do virtual cards have an expiration date?

The Virtual Card expiration date is 5 years from the date the order is requested. Please be advised this is the date the card can no longer be used and would require replacing.

Are Virtual Cards Reloadable?

Our cards are single loaded and can be used wherever Visa is accepted within the US, online and over the phone.

These cards can’t be reloaded.

Where can virtual cards be used?

The Awards2Go Virtual card can be used at any online or over the phone merchant within the US wherever Visa is accepted.

Please keep in mind cards will require registration prior to first use.

Can virtual gift card balances be transferred?

The Awards2Go Virtual card does not allow nor support financial transfers or cash back transactions of any kind.

It can also not be used for recurring transactions such as prepaid monthly memberships and alike.

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