Wellness Incentives Program

We understand the importance of a successful wellness incentives program and the impact it has on your business. Even more so now when many employees remain working from home.

One of the best ways to motivate your employees and increase interest and participation in a health initiative is by creating an incentive program.

Promoting and rewarding your team for keeping themselves energized, healthy, and engaged is pivotal to the overall success of your business.

Our cards can be used for many of the wellness programs you may be considering. You can give cards to employees for meeting a step goal, committing to the gym regularly, sticking to a healthy diet, and anything in between. Remember, by helping your team keep their physical health in shape, you boost their energy-levels and motivation too. 

Discover the difference in your employees’ motivation with wellness incentive cards from an Awards2Go card designed to promote their healthy choices and habits, and make them part of their everyday routine.

Health & Wellness Incentives

Large number of business owners say that incentive programs achieve positive results in their employees

— more motivation, higher energy levels, increased loyalty to a company that cares for them.

More importantly, the programs are easily adapted to and seen as a positive company initiative.

Whether you are promoting good health, fitness & wellness incentives, the safe handling of equipment, or adhering to safety compliance regulations, Awards2Go can provide the Visa card you need.

  • Incentives for working out regularly
  • Incentives for sticking to a healthy diet
  • Incentives for quitting unhealthy habits
  • Incentives for promoting good habits among other team members
  • Incentives for picking up new healthy habits

Organizing Wellness Incentives Program 

There are different ways to organize your incentive program available to implement according to your company’s specific needs. Some businesses reward their employees for miles they run, others for sport competitions and events participation, for quitting unhealthy habits. All of which have a positive effect on both the employee and the company.

Regular fitness programs may not be safe for employees who suffer from chronic conditions

It’s important to take into account the unique and specific abilities of all employees and keep them safe. That’s why, flexible and inclusive programs generally work best in achieving higher overall participation levels.
The best option is to get personal recommendations based on unique health risks and to set goals for every employee based on their individual needs. Rewarding employees for archived goals and participating in well-being recommended activities helps them gain a sense of achievement and acts as a mood booster as well. Here are some of the other great benefits:

Increases productivity levels

Energized employees are productive employees. They are ready to complete their work to the best of their ability with zest and dedication. By focusing on your employees needs, you can increase their positive sentiment toward the company and get better results overall.

Levels up team morale

Even if your employees are working their dream job, and we’re sure they are, low morale can strike all of us at one time or another. Ensure the dip is a short term occurrence and not a chronic condition leading to loss of motivation by investing in your employees’ health and well-being.

Helps boost employee engagement

Making health and wellness a focus of your company’s culture not only creates a positive image, it also boosts the likelihood of employee engagement. So health initiatives can be great opportunities for team bonding, if done right. 

Can reduce healthcare costs and unexpected time off

When your employees’ health is a priority, they are more likely to invest into keeping themselves healthy. Stress and anxiety can lead to absences so by reducing these factors, you can cut unexpected time off and delays to your business.

Shows potential new talent that you care

When your employees’ health is a priority, they are more likely to invest into keeping themselves healthy. Stress and anxiety can lead to absences so by reducing these factors, you can cut unexpected time off and delays to your business.

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Reasons to build an incentives program with Awards2Go gift cards:

Flexibility and ease use with Awards2Go gift cards

Awards2Go Prepaid Visa® Cards can be loaded with any amount from $5 to $1,000 and can be used at any merchant accepting Visa in the United States.

Our per card fees are among the lowest you’ll find in the industry. We offer volume discounts and secure delivery of your cards.Visit our Gallery to view all the creative card designs for your wellness incentives program. We carry cards for many special occasions. Whether you want to say “Thank You” or “Great Job,” we have the design that will meet your needs.

Incentive Cards on Bulk

At Awards2Go we can support your large bulk orders, easily and efficiently. Our experience providing prepaid Visa cards to both multinational companies and small businesses, as well as our nimble printing methods and customized services, make us well positioned to meet your holiday needs.

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Business Debit Cards in Bulk

At Awards2Go, selling Visa prepaid cards in bulk is what we do — and we do it well. This is in part due to our years in the business and nimble printing methods.

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Other health-related incentives

Plasma Donation Drives

The FDA and American Red Cross are urging COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma to help those who are battling the disease and having an effective incentive program for collecting blood donations can save lives.

Awards2Go is dedicated to working with organizations and businesses in providing low-cost rewards solutions that can appeal to potential donors.

Our Visa prepaid cards are a flexible, scalable, and secure way to reward your donors with the most sought-after and appreciated reward.

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Vaccination Incentives

Providing employees with a highly-valued “Thank You” incentive for receiving their vaccinations is an effective way to maximize participation.

Whether you want to provide each employee who completes their vaccinations with a reward card, or get creative and try out ideas like hosting a contest between your departments for which one can receive the highest percentage of inoculation, Awards2Go will work with you to help you meet and exceed your vaccination goals.

Your employees will appreciate that their safety is valued and prioritized.

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Safety Adherence

We understand safety is of an utmost concern for any business.

Use Awards2Go cards as compensation for safety training completion, monthly accident free programs, and successful regulatory and internal inspections.

Products That Meet Every Business Need

Holiday Gift Cards

Say it with a card. Only this time, the card has additional gifts attached. Prepaid holiday gift cards can be customised to your business needs to show employee appreciation on special events or holidays.

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Keep them engaged with your business using smart loyalty cards that offer a ton of benefits—loyalty program, referral program and customer points program—tailored to your needs.

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Expense Cards

Tracking spending when representing your company can be tedious. Instead, discover a simpler way to track spending legally without additional stress.

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A Better Well-Being Solution Is Here

Whether implementing a health and wellness program is new to your company or you are looking for a better way to do it, Awards2Go combines flexibility and choice to create a solution that works for your specific business needs.

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