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Holiday Party Champagne Glasses and Decorations

Office Holiday Parties and COVID-19

Throwing an office holiday party might be a company tradition that has persisted unbroken for decades, or it might... [...]

Giving performance review, man and woman

Employee Performance Reviews: What’s the Right Frequency?

While it’s natural to dread the discomfort of being evaluated, or indeed to do the evaluating, constructive feedback is... [...]

Snowman decoration in holiday town

Tips for Managing Customer Complaints This Holiday Season

Whether you’re in service, retail, or just about any business, the holiday season usually means crunch time. While Black... [...]

Business Man standing by ocean coast

Staying in Touch with Clients Across the Country

The relationship between businesses and clients is ever-evolving. Now, more than ever, businesses are benefiting from the various ways... [...]

Face Mask Workers

Virtual Rewards Cards: A Social-Distancing Solution to Employee Loyalty

Showing employee appreciation and incentivizing employees is turning out to be a concept of tested certainty even in uncertain... [...]

Female worker wearing safety glasses

Truth in Crisis: How The Current Situation Shines a Light on both Good and Bad Examples of Employee Loyalty

The current crisis has had devastating impacts on public health and business. And while the tragedy of this virus... [...]

Drinks in Glasses Toasting

The Dos and Don’ts When Socializing with Clients

In plenty of business situations these days, socializing isn’t just acceptable it’s often instrumental in driving business. With the... [...]

Embarrassed Boy

Can Performance Bonuses Make Other Employees Feel Left Out?

Employees who feel excluded may be less invested in succeeding within your company, as well as the company’s success... [...]

Women with Shopping Bags

Truth in Crisis: How COVID-19 Shines a Light on Both Good and Bad Examples of Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty is the bread and butter of good business. Returning customers cost less to market to, buy more... [...]

Shaking Hands

Five Ways to Reward Your Most Loyal Clients

Loyal clients are an incredible resource for businesses. Loyal clients are less expensive to reward than it is to... [...]