Government Funding and Payment Tool

We are proud to make our program available to Non for Profits and Government agencies looking to distribute cards for various meaningful reasons.

Nonprofit & Charitable Giving

Awards2Go cards can be used in lieu of cash and checks making for a safer and faster way to disburse funds. There are no credit checks performed on the cardholders.

Cards are completely anonymous and don’t require cardholder information unless used online.

Government Assistance & Funding

Our cards are a powerful spending tool for those requiring immediate financial assistance. Our rush service delivers physical cards to your organization in 48-72 Hours* and virtual cards instantly.

Cards arrive loaded and ready for use giving the recipients immediate accessibility to purchase essentials they need.

*Business Hours, and post payment’s arrival.

Toy & Food Drives

If you are looking to add an item to your Charity Drives add a flexible use Awards2Go card. Cards can be used at any local supermarket or utilities store wherever Visa is accepted within the US.

Our cards are competitively priced as we know that at times charitable budgets can be tight.

Volunteer Rewards

Thank your selfless volunteers for their tireless work and dedication.

You can personalize a special message on each card thanking each volunteer personally for a job well done.

Physical Cards

Awards2Go Prepaid Visa® Cards can be loaded with any amount from $5 to $1000 and can be used at any merchant accepting Visa in the United States.

Our per card fees are among the lowest you’ll find in the industry. We offer volume discounts and secure delivery of your cards.

Visit our gallery to view all the creative card designs we have available. We carry cards for many special occasions. Whether you want to say “Thank You” or “Great Job” we have the design that will meet your needs.

Visa Card Gallery

Custom Cards

Awards2Go is a Visa program that can help make your company gift giving and spending simpler. 

Our cards can be loaded with any amount from $5 to $1,000 USD and can be used wherever Visa is accepted in the USA.

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Business Debit Cards in Bulk

At Awards2Go, selling Visa prepaid cards in bulk is what we do — and we do it well. This is in part due to our years in the business and nimble printing methods.

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