Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a minimum number of cards that I must order?

There is no minimum number of cards that you must order.

Q. Is there a maximum number of cards that I can order?

There is no maximum number of cards that you can order; allowing you to order what you need when you need it.

Q. Are there standard Card Value Denominations that you must follow (i.e., $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, etc.)?

You can order any card value denomination that you need from $5 to $1,000 and any denomination in-between. You can also mix denominations in your order.

Q. What are my card fees?

Our prices are about the lowest in the industry. Click here to see our prices.

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

We offer flexible payment choices. Your payment can be made by check, wire or credit card.

Q. Can I customize and personalize the message on the card?

Yes. Each individual card you order is able to deliver a customized and personalized message on 2 separate lines. Your message can contain up to 19 characters on each line.

For Example:

Sales Leader Q1 2011
Susan Jones-Smith


Susan Jones-Smith
Job Well Done

Q. Can I put my company logo on the card?

You absolutely can and this has proven to be a very popular design choice by our customers. There is an additional per card fee for our custom design program.

Q. How long does it take for delivery?

We will process your order and it will be delivered in about 5 business days. RUSH orders are available for expedited delivery.

Q. Where can I use it?

Awards2Go Cards may be used only at merchants in the U.S. and District of Columbia wherever Visa debit cards are accepted, including internet purchases. See Cardholder Agreement for details.