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See the difference when you treat every day like donor appreciation day. When it comes to finding a cost-efficient and convenient solution for rewarding donors, Awards2Go Visa® Prepaid Cards offer some of the best value in the industry and provide the most effective incentive solution.
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Collecting Plasma Donations?
Create A Donor Rewards Program
With Awards2Go

The FDA and American Red Cross are urging COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma to help those who are battling the disease and having an effective incentive program for collecting blood donations can save lives. Awards2Go is dedicated to working with organizations and businesses in providing low-cost rewards solutions that can appeal to potential donors. Our Visa prepaid cards are a flexible, scalable, and secure way to reward your donors with the most sought-after and appreciated reward.

Our Prepaid Cards Make the
Perfect Donor Gift

Rewarding donors with a small gift isn’t uncommon, but the type of gift donors receive can have a huge impact on how effectively potential donors are incentivized to donate, and how effectively you can turn one-time donors into lifetime donors. Typical “swag” like t-shirts and bracelets might end up unworn and discarded, but a versatile Visa prepaid card, accepted anywhere that accepts cards within the US Visa network, makes the perfect donor gift that will never go unappreciated. And with our personalization options, letting you customize the cards with custom text, logos, and more, our Visa prepaid cards are a gesture that won’t be forgotten.


Encouraging A Boost In Donor Turnout

Getting donor numbers up isn’t the easiest thing to do. Asking people to take time out of their busy schedules, no matter the reason, is always an uphill battle. Expressing the urgent need for donors can help to encourage some, but showing your appreciation with the most sought-after reward solution will boost your numbers and help you meet your turnout goals.


Convenient, Flexible, and Secure

With an industry-low per-card fee, with our prepaid cards being accepted anywhere within the US Visa network, fast delivery, a suite of personalization options, and card registration and protection measures in the case of loss or stolen cards, Awards2Go Visa prepaid cards are your convenient, flexible, and secure solution to donor incentives.

Host A Successful Blood Drive

First-time donors are critical to the success of every blood drive, but many who haven’t donated before can be trepidatious. Having an effective incentive is vital to the recruitment of first-time donors. Those who have previously donated can still often be reluctant to make the time commitment required to donate. Effective rewards solutions like our Visa prepaid cards can mean the difference between not meeting and exceeding your turnout goals.


Donor Appreciation and Loyalty

Demonstrating to your donors how much you appreciate their commitment is the best way to keep them coming back to donate again and again. Your donors won’t soon forget the feeling of being valued and rewarded. Donor loyalty is the gift that keeps on giving, ensuring that your donor turnout will never falter, and turning one-time donors into lifetime donors.