How to Send VISA Gift Cards Online?

Posted by a2g on March 31, 2023

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Sending a gift card online is easier than the alternative. E-gift cards offer the same flexibility as plastic Visa Gift Cards. Your recipients can use them wherever Visa is accepted, for example. However, eGift cards offer more flexibility for businesses. These cards are electronic so you can deliver them in various ways. Today you’ll discover how to send a gift card online with Awards2Go and alternative solutions.

VISA Gift Cards Email Delivery – 4 Simple Steps

Here’s how to send a Visa gift card via email.

Select a Design from The Virtual Email Templates Gallery

The first step is to select a design for your card.

Awards2Go customers can choose from various pre-designed templates or create something unique to represent the business. Templates are available in multiple styles and themes, including festive and artsy.

If you need help deciding what to choose, you can work with a dedicated team to pick the best fit that reflects your company’s identity. In addition, Awards2Go provides an affordable, quality setup whether you work with a template or build from scratch.

Select an Amount and Count of Gift Cards

Next, choose how much you want to load and how many gift cards to order.

Consider how you plan to use your cards and the number of recipients to help you decide. With Awards2Go, you can send a Visa gift card via email and buy in bulk.

That means you can order as many cards as you want (e.g., 500, 5000, 500000, etc.). Load your cards with any denomination from $5 – $1000.

Add Recipients

Now add the people you’d like to receive the Visa gift cards.

Awards2Go makes this hassle-free and convenient to do. You should have the recipient’s name, email address, and amount. However, you can still send your Visa gift cards even if you don’t know the recipient’s email address.

In such cases, Awards2Go will email you your virtual card details.

Review Orders and Send Cards Immediately

Finally, review your order and send the cards.

You can have Awards2Go send the Visa gift card via email, customized to each recipient – or bulk deliver them with unique links you can distribute. Just choose the option that works best for you.

It will only take moments for you or your recipients to receive the Visa gift cards.

VISA Gift Card via Text

One often overlooked point when people learn how to send an e-gift card is that you can also send them via text.

Here’s how to send Visa gift cards via text.

Make an Order in the Client Portal

First, access the client portal and order your cards. Then choose the most convenient delivery method.

As noted earlier, you can complete card orders without the email address of your recipients. This may be preferred when you do not know the emails or don’t want to send your cards immediately.

In such cases, Awards2Go will send you an attached spreadsheet via email containing your card links, the amount of money loaded onto each card, and the PRN (Personal Reference Number).

Note that the PRN is something that helps keep the card itself secure. Recipients do not need this number.

Text a VISA Gift Card (any messenger or SMS)

Now text Visa gift card links to recipients using messenger, standard text message, or any other way you prefer. Recipients just have to click the link to claim their Visa gift card, and you can see whether a card was redeemed using the Client Portal.

Be sure to maintain your spreadsheet so you remember what link you sent and to whom.

How to Send Physical VISA Gift Cards Online

There are several options available online if you prefer to send physical cards. Here are a few:

1. Awards2Go

Awards2Go is the perfect choice for businesses that want to send physical Visa gift cards. You can choose from various customizable designs and order cards individually or in bulk from an easy-to-use Client Portal.

You can also ship cards directly to each recipient from the Client Portal or send them in bulk to one or multiple locations.

The Buy Now Load Later feature also lets you purchase and load cards later. That means you don’t have to worry about the cards getting lost or fraudulent activities. Plus, it’s useful when you don’t know how much to load per card and for specific purposes, including surveys, rebates, and refunds.

You can request loads 24/7, no matter the time or day.

2. offers a wide selection of physical gift cards from retailers worldwide. So you’ll have plenty of options beyond Visa cards. However, the site is more geared towards individual consumers, not businesses. Also, the amount of money you can load per card will vary by vendor.


This website is similar to, and like it, more suited for individual consumers. But you can purchase just about any gift card from various providers, such as eBay, Home Depot, and Macy’s.

Quick FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Can I Send a Gift Card by Text?

Yes, you can send a Visa gift card via text. Awards2Go provides card links in a spreadsheet to facilitate gift card sending and tracking.

Can I Send a Gift Card via Email?

Yes. Awards2Go can send cards to recipients directly, or you can do it yourself whenever ready.

How Quickly Can eGift Cards Be Delivered?

Awards2Go e-gift cards arrive within minutes.

Wrapping Up

Gift cards can help companies build more meaningful relationships with their customers and employees – both critical areas for revenue growth.

For example, providing Visa gift cards for refunds can give customers a reason to return. Similarly, using Visa gift cards for rebates can encourage purchases and foster customer loyalty. Likewise, using gift cards to motivate employees and improve morale (e.g., employee reward programs) can increase productivity.

With many possible use cases, Visa gift cards are ultimate growth levers for businesses. They also offer more choice, flexibility, and exclusivity than traditional forms of payment.

They allow businesses to drive sales while enhancing the customer and employee experience.

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