Virtual Rewards Cards: A Social-Distancing Solution to Employee Loyalty

Posted by a2g on September 18, 2020

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Showing employee appreciation and incentivizing employees is turning out to be a concept of tested certainty even in uncertain times. With many companies furloughing employees, working from home has been a great way to keep workers working and keep companies afloat, but it’s not without its own challenges. How do you incentivize, reward, and motivate employees at a distance? Ahead you will discover how virtual reward cards are the perfect solution for doing all of that and more!

Reward Programs

These days, reward programs are a must even within traditional workflows. With those workflows now interrupted, and with many workers now having to adjust to working remotely, and with all of the associated changes to their routines and procedures, rewards programs are now more vital than ever as the perfect tools for remote engagement and motivation. The majority of managers strongly agree that rewards programs have a large positive impact on overall performance and are highly valued by employees.

The Virtual Prepaid Card Advantage

Virtual prepaid cards are quickly becoming one of the top ways to reward, motivate, and encourage employees, and, with remote work on the rise and continued social distancing practices, virtual prepaid cards are now the perfect solution for employee loyalty. Virtual Rewards are instantly deliverable, can be sent from and to anywhere, and are a great way to show employees you appreciate them and reward top performers.

Employee Appreciation and Incentives

With changes to workflow and working environment, employee appreciation is a great solution to keeping employees happy and saying “thank you” for working diligently through tough routine changes during difficult and stressful times, but finding the best way to show your appreciation during these times while also observing all of the social distancing measures can be difficult. A virtual thank you keeps your workers not just happy and feeling appreciated, but also healthy and safe.

For the same reasons, virtual prepaid cards are also the perfect modern solution to corporate incentives such as bonuses and rewards programs. Cash bonuses are one of the most effective and sought after types of incentives for employees, and managers agree that they are cost-effective and generate results. They can also be received nearly instantly, further increasing the impact of positive reinforcement.

With all of the advantages of virtual prepaid cards, it’s clear they are the perfect social-distancing solution to employee loyalty.

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