Building an Employee Wellness Program

Posted by a2g on December 21, 2016

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As a new year approaches, many of us try to establish a New Year’s Resolution to complete during the year. For most, the resolution is often the goal of creating healthier lifestyle habits. However, it is easy to quickly forget or lose motivation in reaching that goal.

Last year, Forbes reported that 70% of employers had established a health and wellness program, and another 8% had plans to implement a program within the next year. If your business currently does not have an employee health and wellness program set into place, read on for a few ways to keep your employees healthy, motivated, and happy.

How to build an Employee Wellness Program

  1. Tailor your program to your company size, budget, and needs. If you have the space and budget, consider adding a fitness room to your office, or offering a paid membership to one nearby. Smaller businesses can offer health screenings, education and workshops, and optimized healthcare plans. There is no concrete definition of what a health and wellness program needs to look like–it just needs to fit your business.
  2. Offer incentives to increase motivation. Providing fitness and activity bands will keep everyone on track–for those who have little time to be more active, seeing their current level can motivate them to reach their goal. For more long term goals, prizes are another great way to motivate your team. Awards2Go Visa Prepaid Cards offers prepaid cards in flexible amounts, and can be customized from the design to the name of the recipient. Contact us today to get started.
  3. Offer encouragement. Many people abandon their goals due to lack of support. Consider a quick weekly or monthly meeting with fitness experts to check in with your team and keep people motivated. One-on-one support conveys a message of appreciation and genuine care to your team and their health.
  4. Change the environment. Consider what’s currently in the office kitchen, cafe, or vending machines, and offer healthier options. Or, turn an empty office space into a quiet area to encourage mindfulness.
  5. Offer flexible work schedules. A great perk in many businesses, this allows employees to work on their own set schedule, whether remotely or in the office. This can reduce stress related to commuting, and deadlines, and help employees adjust their work-life balance.
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