Features That Make Branded Apps Worth the Download

Posted by a2g on August 18, 2016

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Whether you prefer Android, iPhone, or tablet, you’ve probably downloaded at least one branded app to your device. Beneficial to both brand and consumer, branded apps help strengthen the experience customers have with a brand, as well as build new customer relationships. Many apps offer exclusive deals, simplify the purchase experience, or both. Either way, there’s no doubt they keep consumers continuously engaged. Read on for key features of branded apps that make them worthwhile.

Order ahead and skip the line at your favorite coffee or lunch spot with apps from brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Panera. You can even customize your order and pay through the app–no more fumbling for change in your wallet. Even better, many apps offer the ability to earn points through purchases made through the app.

Shop your favorite retailers without ever having to leave your home. Buy directly through the app from retailers such as Target, Forever 21, and Sephora and get them delivered right to your door.

Need some cash? Turn on your location to find your bank’s nearest location or ATM through apps from Chase, Wells Fargo, and TD.

Follow your favorite sports teams when you’re away–watch the game in app or get score notifications from official apps from the NHL or ESPN.

If you have a favorite branded app, share it below!

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