Uber’s New Rewards Program

Posted by a2g on September 27, 2016

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If you’re like 80% of ride-hailing users, you use Uber as your ride request app of choice. You’ve probably shared your invite code with family and friends for their first free ride, which earns you one in return. And, chances are, you shop local–whether it’s getting your daily cup of coffee or grabbing dinner with friends.

At the end of August, Uber introduced Local Offers, a new rewards program for its Visa card-holding users. Local Offers allows users to enroll in the program(s) of their choice for select local business, such as restaurants. For every dollar spent on the Visa card linked to the app at enrolled businesses, users earn one point. Once 100 points are accumulated, users earn a free Uber ride up to $10.

The new program was launched as a response to users asking the company for more ways to earn free rides outside of sending an invite code–and, with about 85% of ride requesters using Uber, it seems as though users could be sharing invite codes with those already using the app.

With over $144 billion being spent annually in stores by Visa cardholders, the Local Offers program looks promising for small businesses to gain new and retain current customers. Such an incentive is also ideal to have in newly opened locations. Local businesses must enroll in the program for users to earn points.

Although currently active in several businesses in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Uber plans to expand Local Offers to more cities throughout the United States.

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