How Digital Gift Cards Can Boost Your E-commerce Business

Posted by a2g on April 7, 2022

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Gift cards for eCommerce businesses aren’t new, but e-gift cards are quickly replacing traditional ones. If you’ve ever picked out a gift for someone, then you know it can be pretty challenging – because there’s no guarantee the receiver will like it. Thankfully, digital gift cards are something practically every receiver loves, no matter the occasion.

The receiver can purchase whatever, virtually ensuring they will be happy with the giver. And with proper integration, businesses can use gift cards to increase sales and build more meaningful relationships with customers, including associates or employees.

What Is An E-gift card?

Electronic gift cards refer to gift cards in digital form that hold a specific amount of money electronically. Receivers require a barcode along with the card and PIN to use e-gift cards. The barcode is primarily for in-store purchases (scanned), while the card number and PIN are typically for online orders.

How Do Digital Gift Cards Work?

E-gift cards work much in the same way as physical ones, except people receive an electronic card instead. Once received, the receiver can redeem the card, usually through the given eCommerce brand’s website checkout page. However, you can also redeem e-gift cards in other ways (e.g., over the phone), making it possible to gift one of these cards to anyone in the world.

While any business can employ e-gift cards, digital gift cards for eCommerce business are most common. Brands that use these cards enjoy several advantages, including:

Instant Delivery

You can send e-gift cards via email, SMS, or other applications for instant, immediate delivery. That also means these cards are perfect for established brands, especially those serving customers worldwide.

For example, you can load an Awards2Go Visa e-gift card instantaneously with any denomination from $5 – $1000 and swiftly deliver it to your customers or employees.

Ease & Convenience

The ease of use and convenience of e-gift cards are awesome. Unlike physical gift cards, visiting the retailer is unnecessary, and anyone can send a card electronically. As a result, they are a much simpler way to make purchases online and offline from just about anywhere.

The low cost of these virtual cards also lends to convenience. In addition, some vendors like Awards2Go will handle gift card deliveries, allowing your business to focus on other essential areas.

Customizable Cards

A business can customize e-gift cards to its liking. For example, you can adjust the design style, add your logo, include custom links, etc. The entire card can look the way you want, representing your brand in the best way possible while remaining aesthetically pleasing – though capabilities vary by vendor.

Highly Secure

Cardholders receive a secure and unique link to view and access e-gift cards, making it less likely for users to lose. People can easily use the confirmation of purchase information to retrieve card info or balance at any time. Cardholders are also less likely to be the victim of gift card scams since everything is digitally recorded and traceable.

Online And In-Store Use

As noted earlier, you can use most e-gift cards anywhere, in-store or online. That makes these cards easier to redeem. For example, Awards2Go cardholders only need to attach their billing information before use. Once billing is received, the user can make purchases at any US website, add additional funds, etc.

Benefits of Digital Gift Cards for Your Business

There are several reasons why eCommerce companies invest in e-gift cards. They are essential for customer growth and can strengthen employee resolve. Additionally, e-gift cards are cost-effective and save time – no need to search for gifts.

Here are some prime benefits to expect if you adopt gift cards for your business.

Boost Brand Awareness

Using e-gift cards can help your eCommerce business gain exposure. That’s because the customer who buys the gift card pretty much brings an additional customer who would have otherwise not known about your brand.

In other words, the gift card allows the receiver to experience the brand and its products. From there, it’s up to the organization to encourage continued engagement through customer experience and marketing.

There’s also the chance that the receiver will buy a similar gift card for loved ones or friends.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Used correctly, a gift card can improve brand loyalty. For example, sending e-gift cards to inactive customers can generate memorable experiences that increase loyalty. It also helps resume activity, giving those people a reason to return, explore your products, and shop.

Employee Motivation

E-gift cards are a great way to incentivize staff to do more for your business. One study by Blackhawk found 69 percent of employees would like to receive a gift card from an employer as a reward.

Increase Sales

Ecommerce gift cards are excellent for last-minute shoppers and tend to encourage spending – a consumer may view it as a way to discount more expensive purchases. According to Gift Card Granny, 72 percent of consumers spend more than what’s in a gift card when purchasing products.

Another study by revealed e-gift cards were the most requested present during the holiday season. Therefore, eCommerce brands that use e-gift cards may experience a more significant uptick in sales during the holidays.

An Easy Alternative To Refunds

Businesses that provide refunds via e-gift cards as an alternative solution are more likely to retain revenue – because the shopper will probably use the gift card at the same store. Plus, retaining that revenue is guaranteed if it’s a custom e-gift card that isn’t compatible elsewhere.

On the other hand, the shopper could visit another store if the refund goes to a debit or credit card. That doesn’t allow the brand an opportunity to resolve the issue or give the customer a better experience.

Custom E-Gift Cards

At Awards2Go, customers can choose from various designs or create their digital gift cards from scratch. When it comes to pre-designed templates, there are many looks to choose from, suited for numerous occasions, such as our Classic, Premium, and Holiday themes. Further, every card design ensures your company’s name appears prominently, and you can customize the e-gift card email notification as necessary.

Why Digital Gift Cards From Awards2Go?

With Awards2Go, your customers can send gifts to friends and family anywhere. You can also award your employees more easily to boost performance and productivity. Awards2Go cards are also open-loop Visas, acceptable all over the United States.

  • Easy to use
  • Buy in bulk
  • Load any denomination, from $5 – $1000

Get Started

Consider gift cards if you’re looking for a way to boost online sales. Customers and employees love them, so they could be the best solution for your brand. They are a low-cost way to increase sales, improve brand awareness, encourage repeat business, and increase employee productivity. You can’t go wrong with such a sensible investment.

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