How To Create Custom Gift Cards

Posted by a2g on April 25, 2022

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There’s no better way to show your appreciation than with a custom gift cards. Why guess what someone will like when you can place the decision in their hands? Custom Visa cards allow businesses to give gifts to customers and employees without worrying about how they’ll be received.

One survey found that 60 percent of consumers prefer gift cards, and 78 percent think it makes shopping easier. Another study found that most gift card recipients overspend, exceeding the value of their cards. That also means gift cards translate to more revenue for businesses at redemption. This article will show you how to create gift cards for your organization.

Personalized Gift Cards

Anyone can grab a gift card off the rack, but custom gift cards show people you genuinely care.

A personalized gift card is one designed for specific recipients. You can customize nearly everything about these cards, including graphics and texts. For example, with Awards2Go, you can start from scratch or create gift cards using a template from the design gallery. You can also customize the embossed message that displays on the front of every card, among other features.

Let’s look at the two main types of custom gift cards.

Physical Custom Gift Cards

Companies usually use these cards for employee and customer loyalty programs. And vendors typically offer several designs or customization options. For example, Award2Go clients can choose from classic, premium, holiday, and custom Visa card designs.

Also, despite the widespread adoption of digital gift cards, physical cards remain the most popular – though that’s changing as more consumers embrace the Internet.

Virtual Custom Gift Cards

These are digital gift cards (without a physical form). Each card is assigned a unique number, barcode, and PIN that allows the recipient to use the card. The barcode is primarily for in-store purchases as businesses typically need to scan it. The PIN and card number are usually for online retailers.

Unlike physical custom gift cards, virtual cards aren’t fully customizable. However, Awards2Go customers can adjust the messaging and design style of the email sent to card receivers. People also receive their cards instantly with virtual cards since everything is electronic.

How To Customize Gift Cards In Bulk

Today creating custom Visa gift cards has never been easier. In most cases, vendors offer the ability to do it online or by phone, and it only takes a few minutes. But what if you need to customize in bulk?

Fortunately, Awards2Go offers that option. You can create gift cards in bulk or purchase as many cards as needed. All bulk orders are securely sent to your chosen destination, and your ability to customize every card remains as robust as with smaller orders. Make every embossed message and amount unique, add your logo, and customize colors.

Buy Now Load Later

Awards2Go clients can use Buy Now Load Later to create gift cards that are blank or have zero funds, then load them when ready. That allows companies to run loyalty and employee appreciation programs more conveniently. Because you can maintain and regulate your card inventory without spending funds unnecessarily.

Further, loading your card can be done instantly through the Awards2Go API or Client Portal. Simply contact the team to request Buy Now Load Later to get started.

Custom Gift Cards For Your Business

Any company that needs to motivate teams or encourage more sales will be wise to employ custom gift cards. It’s a simple and effective solution that can transform business results.

For example, many retailers sell prepaid gift cards to help retain customers, attract new ones, and increase order value. Similarly, a lot of top enterprises use gift cards to recognize and incentivize employees while giving the recipients choice.

However, it’s essential to personalize your cards for the best results. A personalized card is more meaningful and usually a pleasant surprise for the recipient. Most will share their experience with others, making personalization an even more effective marketing approach. Special occasions or holidays become opportunities to promote your business or improve team morale.

Here are some use cases to consider.

Customer Reward Cards

A customer reward card can help you motivate recurring customers through a “Cash Back” or Customer Points System. And you can use prepaid Cards to drive such initiatives forward. Awards2Go clients can leverage the Buy Now Load Later feature.

Customer Referral Cards

Many organizations rely on word-of-mouth. A study found that 86 percent of consumers trust referral marketing. The same research revealed people are 50 times more likely to purchase a product when friends or family recommend it. This is why brands invest in customer referral systems.

Companies typically use incentive tools like custom Visa gift cards to reward customers that introduce new individuals. And prepaid cards can hold a good amount of funds, enabling brands to run multiple referral programs with relative ease.

For example, you can load Awards2Go cards with any dollar amount from $5 to $1000. That also makes them ideal for referral tiering – a structured program that gives different rewards for various referral types.

Corporate or Business Prepaid Cards

Custom Visa prepaid cards are an excellent solution for corporate or business spending. There’s no need to use your business bank account or credit card that charges interest. Prepaid cards provide more control. You simply load funds as needed and track your purchases, keeping spending organized. These cards are more efficient than cheques and a safer option than cash.

Now, if you’re wondering how to create a gift card for your business – that’s next.

Awards2Go Visa Prepaid Cards

The Visa gift cards from Awards2Go are open-loop, easy to use, accepted all over the United States, and you can buy in bulk. Load funds from $5 to $1000 on your cards instantly.

You can apply Awards2Go cards to multiple use cases, including but not limited to:

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Contest Gifts
  • Rebates Refunds
  • Sales Incentive Leads
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Expense Control
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