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How Companies Can Be Mindful of their Customers’ Struggles During COVID-19 

Posted by a2g on January 27, 2021

Despite the vaccine roll-out and a potential end of the pandemic on the horizon, cases continue to rise.  So after a long year of struggling with this pandemic, but a hopeful end in sight, it is more crucial now than ever to be sensitive to the struggles of your customers. Proving your brand to be […]

Truth in Crisis: How COVID-19 Shines a Light on Both Good and Bad Examples of Customer Loyalty

Posted by a2g on July 16, 2020

Customer Loyalty is the bread and butter of good business. Returning customers cost less to market to, buy more often, and spend more when they buy. Repeat customers are far from guaranteed, however, even if your product or service is top-notch. Customer loyalty will always take an active effort by brands to foster and maintain […]

Five Ways to Reward Your Most Loyal Clients

Posted by a2g on June 25, 2020

Loyal clients are an incredible resource for businesses. Loyal clients are less expensive to reward than it is to successfully market to new clients. They also tend to buy more often and to spend more when they buy! Coming up with ways to appropriately reward loyal clients, however, can be difficult. You want something that […]

Five Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty in the Age of the Internet Consumer

Posted by a2g on May 21, 2020

In a lot of ways, the basic truths of customer loyalty still hold true to this day. For most consumers, customer loyalty is a tried and true function of product quality, service, and economy — that hasn’t changed. What has changed in recent years, and especially in recent months, are the many of the other […]

Chipotle’s Unique Approach to Customer Loyalty

Posted by a2g on July 13, 2016

Recently, Chipotle Mexican Grill introduced a three-month loyalty program in an effort to gain its customers back after a national scare of food safety concerns last year. Enrolling in the program, called “Chiptopia,” starts with a card given to a customer when paying for their Chipotle purchase. The cashier will swipe the card at the […]

Rewarding customer loyalty as a touchpoint

Posted by a2g on April 4, 2016

As this McKinsey article from 2012 so accurately pointed out, customer behavior is evolving. Customers are more savvy, and are way, better at their research And that was in 2012! It’s 2016, and customers have only grown in their discernment and acumen. While it began with the advent of the Internet and shopping search engines, […]

How does Ebates work? A lesson in sharing

Posted by a2g on March 8, 2016

My aunt recently introduced me to Ebates. She is the queen of savvy shopping, so when she told me that there were no strings attached, I believed her. (Power to WOM marketing.) For me, as a consumer, the concept was simple: I purchase from partnering online retailers using the Ebates website. And I get a […]