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Staying in Touch with Clients Across the Country

Posted by a2g on October 14, 2020

The relationship between businesses and clients is ever-evolving. Now, more than ever, businesses are benefiting from the various ways of building and maintaining these client relationships, turning what may have otherwise been a one-time client into a lifelong one. From CRM to social media, new technology categories have made it easier than ever to stay […]

Virtual Rewards Cards: A Social-Distancing Solution to Employee Loyalty

Posted by a2g on September 18, 2020

Showing employee appreciation and incentivizing employees is turning out to be a concept of tested certainty even in uncertain times. With many companies furloughing employees, working from home has been a great way to keep workers working and keep companies afloat, but it’s not without its own challenges. How do you incentivize, reward, and motivate […]

Truth in Crisis: How The Current Situation Shines a Light on both Good and Bad Examples of Employee Loyalty

Posted by a2g on August 20, 2020

The current crisis has had devastating impacts on public health and business. And while the tragedy of this virus and its toll on individuals and families can’t be overstated, one thing about crisis that often goes overlooked is its revelatory powers. Whether it’s a mirror that shows us ourselves at our worst (panicking, hoarding toilet […]

The Dos and Don’ts When Socializing with Clients

Posted by a2g on August 17, 2020

In plenty of business situations these days, socializing isn’t just acceptable it’s often instrumental in driving business. With the popularization of social media as a marketing platform, reaching and socializing with clients is now faster and easier than ever. That said, socializing only works if it’s effectively implemented. When it’s done wrong, the consequences aren’t […]

Can Performance Bonuses Make Other Employees Feel Left Out?

Posted by a2g on August 12, 2020

Employees who feel excluded may be less invested in succeeding within your company, as well as the company’s success as a whole. Leaving out employees can create a toxic work culture with distrust, issues with morale, and lapses in productivity. Teambuilding, active inclusion, social activities, and other strategies are proven effective for keeping employees from […]

Truth in Crisis: How COVID-19 Shines a Light on Both Good and Bad Examples of Customer Loyalty

Posted by a2g on July 16, 2020

Customer Loyalty is the bread and butter of good business. Returning customers cost less to market to, buy more often, and spend more when they buy. Repeat customers are far from guaranteed, however, even if your product or service is top-notch. Customer loyalty will always take an active effort by brands to foster and maintain […]

Five Ways to Reward Your Most Loyal Clients

Posted by a2g on June 25, 2020

Loyal clients are an incredible resource for businesses. Loyal clients are less expensive to reward than it is to successfully market to new clients. They also tend to buy more often and to spend more when they buy! Coming up with ways to appropriately reward loyal clients, however, can be difficult. You want something that […]

What Makes the “Best Places to Work” the Best Places to Work?

Posted by a2g on May 29, 2020

We’ve all seen lists of the best companies to work for, or articles about how company X and brand Y are the best places to work. But less often are we able to glean what exactly that perfect formula is for a “best place to work,” and, crucially, how it can be applied to our […]

Your Guide to Structuring Meetings for Remote Employees

Posted by a2g on May 26, 2020

With everything from game night, to university courses, to family hangouts moving to video chat, most people out there are sure to be familiar with video conferencing. And, if you’ve ever been in one of these such chats, you’ve probably noticed how disorganized they can be. When it comes to being a remote substitute for […]

Five Ways to Maintain Customer Loyalty in the Age of the Internet Consumer

Posted by a2g on May 21, 2020

In a lot of ways, the basic truths of customer loyalty still hold true to this day. For most consumers, customer loyalty is a tried and true function of product quality, service, and economy — that hasn’t changed. What has changed in recent years, and especially in recent months, are the many of the other […]