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3 TV shows with terrible corporate cultures

Posted by a2g on May 11, 2016

While we do encourage financial incentives as compelling motivators (obviously), there are ways to effectively encourage employees to perform that won’t cost your company unnecessarily. One of the top non-financial motivators include “open, supportive cultures that encourage new ideas and empower staff.” That sounds all well and good. But we find that we have a […]

Rewarding customer loyalty as a touchpoint

Posted by a2g on April 4, 2016

As this McKinsey article from 2012 so accurately pointed out, customer behavior is evolving. Customers are more savvy, and are way, better at their research And that was in 2012! It’s 2016, and customers have only grown in their discernment and acumen. While it began with the advent of the Internet and shopping search engines, […]

How does Ebates work? A lesson in sharing

Posted by a2g on March 8, 2016

My aunt recently introduced me to Ebates. She is the queen of savvy shopping, so when she told me that there were no strings attached, I believed her. (Power to WOM marketing.) For me, as a consumer, the concept was simple: I purchase from partnering online retailers using the Ebates website. And I get a […]